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MST Engineering Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Limited Liability Company)


MST Engineering Kft. won a non-refundable grant amounting to HUF 86,401,731 from the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme. The total cost of the project is HUF 172 838 030 from which 49,99% was covered by the grant. The company will use this money to acquire equipment and material handling machines in order to meet the higher needs of its customers.

MST Enginnering Kft. has been established on 1 June 2011. Its headquarter and manufacturing premise are located in the Innovation Park in Debrecen. On 1 January 2013 MST Engineering took over the whole production activity from the Mezőgép-Debrecen Kft. The main activity of the company is the mechanical engineering, production of custom machine parts, and provision of relating engineering services (engineering). Accordingly, the company produces CNC lathed parts, parts produced via milling machines; as well as manufactures and assembles machine components.

The aim of this project is to develop the production capacity by increasing the quality and added value of the manufactured products. The capacity utilization of the company is already close to 100%. The order numbers can be further increased at the moment as well, due to existing framework contracts (large demand for ground and painted machine parts), to realize this and serve the needs of the current and potential partners with accurate qualities an investment is necessary.

Within the framework of the project the complex development of the production technology will be realized. As a part of it in connection with the development of metalworking, metalworking machines will be purchased. In order to examine the quality of the products, and due to that to improve their quality, measurement devices will be purchased, as part of the project. In order to improve the conditions for handling we will purchase a Jungheinrich ERC 216 electric stacker truck. In connection with the expansion of production capacity is the update of the current SAP Business One business management system with a production management / capacity management module necessary.

As the result of the development increases the efficiency of the production, because the entire metalworking process will be integrated operable. In addition the growth of the added value of the product is a result of the technology’s development. Because due to the development the processing rate andspectrum, and due to the surface treatment the products will meet special, custom requirements as well. After the development the company will be able to meet the needs of the customer both in quality and delivery deadlines. As a result of the investment the company will be able to undertake more grounding and painting jobs, for which there is a large demand in the market.